Ray Maxwell Appointed CEO of Source Audio

Industry veteran Ray Maxwell has joined Massachusetts-based effects pedal company, Source Audio as CEO. Maxwell previously served on the management team at Eventide, leading a pivot into plugins and pedals. Previously, Maxwell held positions at Lexicon, Rocket Network, and Digibid.com.

Source Audio’s owner and current president Roger Smith remains intimately involved with the company as Chairman, including working with future product development and continued community immersion. “Source Audio 1.0 was all about pure innovation with products like Hot Hand and the Multiwave Distortion,” said Smith. “Source Audio 2.0 was about building out our vast library of effects and Neuro presets via products such as the Nemesis DelayVentris Dual Reverb, and C4 Synth. Source Audio 3.0 starts today, with the addition of Ray Maxwell to our team. He is uniquely qualified to lead the company as we deploy our sounds and technology across a new array of exciting effects platforms. I feel enormously lucky to have found the ideal partner to take our company to new heights”.  

The Source Audio team welcomes Ray Maxwell into the fold and recognizes him as an important new asset to the company’s future. Maxwell’s breadth of experience at Eventide and Lexicon speaks volumes to his passion for audio creation, engineering, and processing, something Source Audio takes very close to heart. “Early on in my conversations with Roger, I quickly realized our values were aligned,” said Maxwell. “Source Audio has a tremendous team dedicated to the enhancement of the creative process of making music by expanding the boundaries of sound – a mission near and dear to my heart. I am honored to be entrusted to nurture and build upon the tradition of excellence he created.”

Source Audio released their first effects pedal in 2006. Since that time pedals like the Collider Delay+ReverbC4 Synth, and EQ2 Programmable Equalizer have found their way onto the stages and recordings of musicians like David Bowie, John Mayer, David Gilmour, Aerosmith, Phish, Living Colour, King Crimson, Billy Strings, The Killers, The Cure, Victor Wooten and more. Source Audio has been recognized through multiple awards from Premier GuitarGuitar PlayerSound on SoundGuitar WorldBass Player, and Electronic Musician Magazines

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