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PG’s multimedia magazine offers readers a highly engaging experience —with a total monthly readership of 255,000 guitarists.
By attracting a large, dedicated audience, Premier Guitar’s magazine – available in print, online and via our mobile app—provides a great showcase for your products.
Readers choose the print magazine for their monthly fix of guitar news; they stick around because PG’s content-to-advertising ratio is high, so your message can really stand out.
The intense dedication of PG’s readers—and their relentless pursuit of tone—makes them a uniquely receptive audience for new gear and technology like yours.

2023 Publishing Schedule

Issue:IO Due:Artwork Due:Issue Mailed:Digital Edition Live:Editorial Themes
January 202311/4/202211/7/202212/06/202212/21/2022Nita Strauss
February 202312/9/202212/12/20221/10/20231/18/2023Meet the Builders
March 20231/6/20231/09/20231/31/20232/15/2023Pro Pedalboards
April 20232/3/20232/6/20232/28/20233/15/2023Recording
May 2023
June 20234/7/20234/10/20235/2/20235/17/2023Tubes
July 20235/5/20235/8/20235/30/20236/14/2023The Acoustic Issue
August 20236/2/20236/5/20236/27/20237/19/2023The Amp Issue
September 20237/7/20237/10/20238/1/20238/16/2023Bass
October 20238/4/20238/7/20238/29/20239/13/2023The Pedal Issue
November 2023
9/1/20239/5/20239/26/202310/18/2023Shred Ain’t Dead
December 202310/6/202310/9/202310/31/202311/15/2023Gear of the Year 2023
January 202411/3/202311/6/202312/5/202312/20/2023TBD
February 202412/8/202312/11/20231/09/20231/17/2024TBD