Custom Content

This dedicated email reaches an audience guaranteed to be interested in your products. In PG’s Custom Content E-Blast your company is promoted next to highly relevant PG articles and videos – the most natural, organic way to engage new customers. The exclusive email includes a giveaway promotion so you get opt-in emails too. For extra impact, you can add banner impressions on all destination content pages.


Custom Content E-Blast: 

PG helps you select articles and videos that are perfectly matched for you. (Especially important for DIY, Bass, Acoustic, Amps, and Recording gear.) Your two large sized 600×400 banners are embedded with this content in an exclusive, dedicated email blast to 200,000-plus PG subscribers.

Hosted Giveaway: 

Get opt-in emails and enhance your presence with an included giveaway promo. PG will host and administer your giveaway – it’s super easy.

Targeted Website Banners: 

Use this option to increase your reach with core customers. You get exclusive banner ad positions on all content website pages directed from the email for a period of 3 weeks.


$ 2,195
  • Custom Content EBlast
  • Hosted Giveaway


$ 2,695
  • Custom Content Eblast
  • Hosted Giveaway
  • Targeted Website Banners