Social Media Promotions


YouTube Boost

Each week, PG will post one manufacturer video to our YouTube channel and promote it to our digital audience. Because of the huge reach and limited availability (only 52 available per year), we’re only offering this to a select group of clients.

Sponsored Facebook Boost

Showcase your video & more in front of our Facebook Audience! PG will upload and post your video to our Facebook page and boost it to ensure a larger audience to view your content.

Multi-Network Boost

Further the reach of your PG Coverage with the Multi-Network boost! PG will repost and boost your coverage to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram audiences.

Instagram Story Takeover

Use short form video to take over PG’s Instagram Story for a 24hr period. Feature artist videos, flash sales, and more to our over 200k Instagram followers

PG Jams Sponsorship

Sponsor a conversation and Jam session with legends and up-and-coming players. Pair it with a giveaway for maximum reach!