Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ‘Client Center’?

Premier Guitar’s Client Center is a one-stop-shop for all of your business with PG. You can approve and access your orders, manage and upload artwork, and even pay your invoice. Contact your ad rep. for your login info and visit or click the link in the site navigation bar.

How can I sign up to receiver Premier Guitar E-Newsletters?

You can sign up for PG’s email list at

I’ve refreshed your website a ton of times and don’t see my banner ad. Where is it? runs millions of banner ads per month. The allocation of creatives to a page at any one time relies on countless variables, including dynamic impression management, CPM priority, position targeting and more. The likelihood of seeing your particular banner creative at the moment you visit our website is low, but increases with the amount of impressions in your order. If you’d like screenshots of your banners on, please contact your ad rep. and we will provide them as soon as possible.

I’ve logged in to Client Center but don’t see any orders or artwork…What’s up?

You must use the exact email address assigned to your profile in PG’s client record. If you are having difficulty seeing data in your Client Center, please contact your ad rep. and we’ll sort it out for you.


What file types can I submit for my print ad?

An Adobe Acrobat print-quality PDF file is our preferred format. with fonts embedded and transparency flattened. 

What are the required file specifications for my print ad?

All fonts embedded and transparency flattened. Image should be 300 dpi or higher and in CMYK color format. If you’d like to send using a different file format, please contact your ad rep. for details.

What size should I design my ad?

Specification for all print and digital ads can be found via the links in the nav bar. Included in each ad size specification description is necessary Photoshop design templates for your convenience.



Where do I upload my artwork assets?

For all ad orders besides Showcase listings, you can upload your assets via our Client Center. Login with the email address and password provided to you by your sales rep. On the home screen you will see a box with the most urgent artwork needed. Click the order link to upload your assets.

Where can I find previous print artwork that I’ve run?

Print artwork that has previously run can be viewed in the Artwork Gallery of your Client Center. Click ‘Artwork’ in the left hand navigation bar, and then the ‘Artwork Gallery’ button in the middle of the page. From there, you can use the three dots to assign the ad to an upcoming issue.

When I look at the proof of my print ad, I see white lines and boxes that aren’t on my original file. Why are those there and what do I do?

Often referred to as “hairlines” or “light leaks”, the unwanted thin lines in your Adobe PDF are generally either caused by an element in your design with a transparency effect (including drop shadows) that have been flattened on top of another layer or a spot color interacting with a process color after flattening.

To diagnose whether what you are seeing will print, zoom in and out on your design. If the lines disappear and reappear when zooming then they are “hairlines” and will not show up during the commercial printing process.

Because “hairlines” are a display problem, according to Adobe, you can typically correct the issue by doing one of the following:

Option 1. Convert any spot color to process color in InDesign.

  • Choose Window > Swatches to open the Swatches palette.
  • Double-click the spot color to open the Swatch Options dialog box.
  • Choose Process from the Color Type pop-up menu.

 Option 2. Turn off the Smooth Line Art option in Adobe Acrobat.

  • Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows), or Acrobat > Preferences (Mac OS) to open the preference dialog box.
  • In Categories > Page Display deselect the option Smooth Line Art, and then click OK.

Although there can occasionally be a perceived display issue, it is important to remember that flattening your file is required for ad submission. Merging or flattening a copy of your original file into a single locked and uneditable image significantly reduces the file size and converts the image into a format that can be correctly interpreted by the printer.  

Where can I upload my assets for my showcase listing? 

Showcase ads (such as the New Gear Showcase, the Holiday Gift Guide, etc) are a little different. Because PG staff compiles these guides, a separate info form is required to submit your assets. Please ask you Ad Rep. for your particular Showcase upload form. Or, you can find the form link via the showcase landing page in the navigation bar.

Can I submit a different ad for the digital magazine than I ran in the print magazine?

Yes! You can submit both files at the time of your print art submission, making note of which file is for which version of the magazine. NOTE: Digital magazine files can be in RGB color mode and must be at least 72 dpi.


What payment methods can I use to pay my invoice?

We accept all major credit cards, check, PayPal, ACH, and Wire Transfer. 

How can I pay my invoice online?

All invoices are e-mailed to the billing contact on file. Inside the email there is a button to access the Client Center to pay your invoice directly online. You can pay your invoice by accessing it directly in the Client Center.

May I provide credit card information to be used automatically?

Yes, in your PG Client Center you can visit the My Account section to add a Credit Card or ACH information. Your Credit Card is stored and encrypted in PG’s database and we can arrange to use it for upcoming invoices.

Can you email my invoice instead of through paper mail?

All invoicing from Premier Guitar is sent electronically via e-mail to the billing contact on file unless otherwise arranged.

Can I receive a complimentary subscription to the print version of Premier Guitar?

Please contact your PG Ad. Rep. to arrange a complimentary subscription for you or your team.

Will you send me a PayPal money request upon invoice?

Yes, please contact your PG ad. Rep.or Lois Stodola, our accounting manager ( to arrange a PayPal request for your invoice.