MusicMax Distribution Announces Exclusive Partnership with Ashdown Engineering

Rob Joseph, President of MusicMax Inc. (on left) and Brian Harsh, VP of Business Development (on right) are thrilled to partner with the Ashdown and Meters brands.

MusicMax Distribution, a leading name in the pro-audio and MI industry, is thrilled to announce Ashdown USA Powered by MusicMax, its new exclusive distribution partnership with Ashdown Engineering, a market leader in bass and guitar amplifiers, pedals, headphones, and Bluetooth solutions. This strategic collaboration brings Ashdown’s innovative and high-quality products to a broader audience in the United States, offering an enhanced musical experience for both dealers and customers alike.

This new venture will also see Ashdown’s sister company, Ashdown Meters, represented in the USA. With support from some incredible artists and truly unique products within the consumer audio market, MusicMax believes in the Meters brand and will distribute and support Meters products. CEO of both Ashdown and Meters Music Mark Gooday is overjoyed to see this venture and the growth of both companies in the USA.

Ashdown Engineering has a rich legacy of crafting best in class musical equipment, known for its exceptional sound quality, versatility, and durability. With this new partnership, MusicMax Distribution becomes the exclusive distributor for Ashdown’s complete line of products, making them more accessible than ever before to dealers, musicians, and enthusiasts across the United States.

Managing Director Daniel Gooday said “The mission at hand is simply to provide a new level of service for our customers, such as we have in the UK, Canada and EU, with the team in place to provide support. It has always been my dream to see Ashdown supported in this way in the USA. Having grown up in this industry I am very excited at what the future will hold for our family business. We are still to this day a family-owned entity and my wish is to continue this tradition of engineering some of the greatest products available for all musicians and audio lovers.”

“The entire MusicMax Distribution team is incredibly excited to partner with Ashdown Engineering and bring their premium range of bass and guitar products to US dealers,” said Brian Harsh, VP of Business Development. “Ashdown’s dedication to innovation and quality aligns perfectly with our mission to provide high quality, high value musical instruments, pro-audio equipment, and accessories to the industry. This partnership will allow us to further diversify our product offering and provide our customers with an even wider selection of high-quality gear.”

MusicMax Distribution’s extensive reach and dedication to customer service will ensure that Ashdown products are readily available across the United States. This exclusive partnership will benefit both dealers and customers by offering an enhanced shopping experience, comprehensive support, and timely availability of Ashdown’s product range.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for MusicMax Distribution and Ashdown Engineering, and both companies are committed to working together to grow the Ashdown brand and increase its exposure to customers nationwide.

For more information on MusicMax Distribution and its exclusive distribution of Ashdown Engineering’s products, please visit

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