Shane Nicholas Retires from Fender After 25 Years

Shane Nicholas, one of the industry’s most well-regarded and beloved amplifier experts, has retired from Fender after 25 years with the company. 

Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, Nicholas worked in sales at Dave Phillips Music in Allentown for more than 10 years prior to joining Fender in 1997. With nearly half a century of guitar-playing experience, Nicholas is known for his intricate knowledge of amplifiers and flawless execution on guitar, as well as his passionate on-stage performances. He quickly realized that amplifiers are just as important as guitars for creating a good tone while playing. He took this mindset and went on a journey to play every single one he could find and learned what made each of them tick. 

During his 25 years with Fender, Nicholas held multiple roles, including Amplifier Product Specialist, Manager of Product Education, and various Product Manager, Marketing Manager, and Director roles. He played an invaluable part in Fender’s global project to become leaders in the amplifier space. Both former and current employees acknowledge Nicholas for his knowledge, dedication and leadership and feel privileged to have worked alongside him and the incredible legacy he leaves at Fender. 

“Shane Nicholas is an institution – both in Fender history and the guitar industry as a whole,” said Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President of Fender Products. “Over the span of his two-decade career at Fender, he not only applied his golden ears and vast vintage knowledge to our storied tube amps, but he also played an integral role in ushering in our first forays and subsequent innovations in the digital amplifier space. Not to mention, he’s an amazing player! He will always and forever be in the Fender family.”

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