PG PLAYS: Influential, Informative, Inspiring


Looking for a playthrough video of your hottest new products? “PG Plays” features your gear in the hands of an ace PG Player. The 4-8 minute video shows your product in action – with the PG Player using it in a natural, organic and inspiring setting.


Reach a huge audience: You’ll gain video presence across ALL Premier Guitar online platforms: YouTube 700k subscribers), Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more. Your video also appears on newsfeed (700k monthly unique visitors) and PG’s newsletter (200k subscribers).

Timely exposure: Schedule your PG Plays video in advance and it can go live on your launch date, perfectly coordinated with your new product rollout.

It’s easy: Simply send your gear and a few key bullet points about the product. PG does the rest. We’ll shoot the video, edit it and upload on all our channels…and you’ll be tagged as a collaborator so the videos automatically show up in your social media feeds.

Gold Package

$ 2,995
  • 4-8 minute playthrough video showcased to PG’s 700,000 YouTube subscribers
  • Instagram reel with your company tagged as Collaborator
  • Facebook teaser reel (698,000 PG followers)
  • TikTok too!
  • Appears in newsfeed (700,000 monthly visitors)
  • Appears in PG newsletter (200,000 subscribers)
Best Value